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My name is Isaac Navias & I love helping entrepreneurs and small businesses share their services or products while increasing REVENUE and decreasing workload. My mission is to help entrepreneurs take control of their internet presence so they can present their company in a way that inspires and impresses. I also help develop better processes and systems so you can decrease your workload while still increasing your production.

Do Entrepreneurship Different.

Use Leverage To Increase Your Business While Decreasing Your Workload.

“Give me a lever long enough and I could move the world.”– Archimedes

That is what INConsulting provides: the leverage to increase your wealth while decreasing your administrative workload.

Would you like to increase the number of clients you have? Would you like to spend more time doing the things you love and are good at? YOU CAN!

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IN Consulting

It Pays To Be The Best.

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There Are Reasons Why I Outperform Other “Marketing Experts” On An Everyday Basis!

  • Create a custom plan for each client that focuses on achieving their goals.
  • Proven experience helping small businesses succeed.
  • I have an awesome group of experts that enables me to provide you with high quality and customized services at a fair price.
  • I focus not only on increasing business, but also on decreasing workload so clients can focus on the things they are best at.
  • Hired by a large range of clients, including a publisher, nutritionist, rapper, professional organizer, Associate Dean at Syracuse University, VP of PNC Arena and Commissioner of the NC State Emergency Response Commission.
  • Plus, I’m really fun to work with!

I Get to Work With The Coolest
Clients In The World!

Larry Perkins
(Assistant General Manager for the RBC Sports Arena)As a business owner, a professional sports venue executive, author, NC State Commissioner, I highly recommend Isaac Navias and his company; they will get the job done, no excuses! Isaac Navias, was recommended to me by a dear friend and publisher. I was looking to complete a book project and start a fundraising and awareness campaign for “Foster-A-Voice”, a program to benefit Foster Care Foundations. I was enthralled at the caliber of work, knowledge of publishing and technical savvy that he possess in a dynamic and evolving world.

Andrea Evans
(Certified Clinical Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor)I have worked with several marketing “experts” in the past and every single one tried a cookie-cutter approach with me, presented me with sub-standard work but then billed me exorbitant fees. I have not had these problems at all with you. From the first emails to the first meeting everything was very specific to my unique needs, the work you have presented has been outstanding and the fees are very reasonable. If I could do it all over again I would have started with you and not wasted my time or money with any of the other “experts” who simply can’t compare to your services. I am very pleased about the attention to my needs, the high quality of work and the willingness for detailed communication as much as needed to get things done correctly. You take the time and make the extra effort to help me through the process of really seeing what it is that is needed and making step by step plans on how to achieve the goals.

Ingrid Andersd
(Writer)Isaac knows the publishing industry inside and out. He also understands how to maximize social media and technologies. In the promotion he design and ran for me, there were bloggers, Tweeters and Facebookers promoting me all around the world.

Tanya Stockton
(Founder of PublishingUnleashed.com)Isaac Navias is a true visionary and an entrepreneur. He has been instrumental in launching and growing my current company, Publishing Unleashed. Isaac is a true professional in every sense of the world – he is a great communicator, has great business savvy and always delivers on time. I value contribution to my company and he has been instrumental in my success.

Richard Lindenmuth
(Interim CEO at NC Economic Development Partnership)Working with Isaac is rewarding. He is an expert, creative and has added value in every stage of the project that we worked on together. He is detail oriented and delivers outstanding results. I look forward to working with Isaac again in the near future. I strongly recommend Isaac!

Renie Kehres
(Associate Dean for Student Services at Syracuse University)Isaac is a very bright and creative young man who is deeply committed to his clients success. He is very adaptable and has learned to use his many skills in a variety of situations. In his most recent endeavor for me he assisted me in updating a college curriculum by adding music to introduce each class topic. He studied the curriculum, made very relevant suggestions and then made it easy for me to access the songs (since I am somewhat technically challenged). The students loved it and I know that it also enhanced their learning process. I also found Isaac open to my feedback during the final results worked (he also has a good sense of humor and is fun to work with).

Alpesh Fadia
(MRW Consuling Group International, LLC)Isaac is a professional professor. He is creative, industrious, committed to doing the job correctly and ensures that the client is more than happy with the end product. I value his attention to detail, being available when I needed him, and has gone above and beyond the obligations of our contract. I highly recommend Isaac, he is extremely knowledgeable and knows the latest technological trends surrounding book publishing.

Rayme Sciaroni
(Author/Composer of “Dinner for God”)Isaac is amazing at finding and implementing the newest and latest information in the field of marketing and guiding a person into what is needed to get their product off to the best possible start.

It’s Time To Add Your Name To The List Of Winners.

You worry about what you’re best at. I’ll worry about everything else.

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