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“From the first emails to the first meeting everything was every specific to my unique needs, the work you have presented has been outstanding and the fees are very reasonable.”

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Most Commonly Asked Questions:

How does Google Maps or Yelp help my business?

The rise of smart phones has led to new ways to find businesses. Word of mouth used to be the best way to find a services provider, like a doctor, or restaurant. Word of mouth is still very powerful, but now you can create word of mouth online though services like Google Maps and Yelp. These services allow people to review companies which effectively is word of mouth advertising! Getting a top spot of google maps can vastly increase business.

INConsulting helps you with this service by:

  1. Helping you secure testimonials that move people to take action. You can try and get your clients to write testimonials for you, but you will find out it is quite hard to get people to write them. We have created a system that entices your clients to want to write them for you.
  2. Getting a top listing is one third reviews, and two thirds behind the scenes work. We create citations and keyword maps that are essential in order to get a top listing.

For most business this is the most effective way to increase businesses at a very nominal cost.

How does INConsulting differ from other website developers?

We focus on Small Businesses. This means we know how to develop a quality website that WORKS for a reasonable price.

While working with our clients we normally see one of two things:

  1. The owner created the site themselves, or had a family member do it. Oftentimes these sites actually reduce new clients. They almost never utilize the power of testimonials, call to actions, and enticing content.
  2. The owner hired a web developer to build the website. The result is a good looking website that nobody sees and does not convert visitors into buyers. I have yet to meet a web developer who also understands marketing.

With INConsulting you get a project manager working with a marketing expert, copy writer, and web developer. This ensures that you get a customized plan specifically for your company and its goals. It also ensures you get a great website that actually drives new business to you. We also are able to offer this to you at more reasonable price then any quality web developer.

How does INConsulting help me with my website?

We help your website by improving the design and feel of your website. We also focus on turning your website into a site that converts visitors into customers. We help you set up an automated system for generating all the business you could want. Investing once in online marketing can bring you dividends for years to come.

Do you offer other services?

Yes! We also do a lot with self publishing, graphic design, residual revenue and more. Isaac also does success coaching with a few of the very coolest clients. In this he teaches how to improve and build relationships, become more efficient, create financial freedom, live a healthy lifestyle and how to use your mind to create your physical reality.